Raise Your Vibration With Energy Healing-Class
Raise Your Vibration With Energy Healing-Class

Raise Your Vibration With Energy Healing-Class

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Discover the benefits of Energetics. Learn why you want to add Energy Healing as a foundation for health and well being.  Find out what scientist are discovering in research and techniques in Energy Healing that can be used to enhance every aspect of your life.
Learn practical applications that can give immediate results on which to build your daily practice. This mini course is the beginning of a journey in personal development and life enhancement. One automatically happens with the other.  Here are the topics that will be discussed:
* What is energy healing and why it is important to your life
* Studies and research behind energy techniques
* Clearing, Cleansing, Restoring & Maintaining your new energy field
*Techniques to practice and add to your daily life
This is an online class where you can access your materials whenever you  are ready to learn.  Once you purchase a class, when new information is added to the class, you will be notified of updates to your class. 
This class is a part of the class taught at The House of Intuition in Los Angeles March 14th 2020 with added materials.  This is a recorded online class.  You have unlimited access to your class and as new information is added, we update the class and let you know.

If you have any questions before purchasing, feel free to contact me.