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Rather we call it karma or inherited traits from our family lines, it is said that when we come into this world, we are coming in with about 50% past life or past timeline energetic vibrations along with the ones we create in our lives now. Add that to the fact that most of us function on 90% subconscious programming and you can see why life can seem out of your hands, frustrating and randomly chaotic seeming to have no reason or synchronicity. It can be self destructive to say the least when you are not consciously aware of this energetic dissonance or imbalance. This can easily be helped with a customized spiritual counseling and the right practices based on where you are in your journey.

These services bring your spirit back into alignment with it's true purpose and happiness in the now. From here, your natural journey will unfold with ease, joy and anticipation about life on a daily basis.

Currently the below healing sessions are offered on the Monterey Peninsula and by distance. 

Alchemy Healing

Deep Dive Resets

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