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Immune Boosting & Regenerative Stones of 2020

In these times of change, we can use all of the energy boosting and regenerating help as possible.  At the core level this is about the energy that is within us and interacting with us in our environment on many levels.  Here are some of my Crystals to help ease the transition. I call them "Stone People" because I feel they are my grounded, earthy friend that comforts me through all the cycles of life. Besides being beautiful the add awesome energy to any atmosphere. Click the picture above to view....Enjoy!

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February Gem Essence- Metamorphosis Quartz & Blue Lace Agate

This month, I will be highlighting crystals in multiple layers.  Crystals are so versatile and are beautiful companions to have in your life. They are around me constantly and I take them where ever I go.  Click the picture below to check out the post and my new Stories.MikaLeone.com. I will be posting more stories here in many Metaphysical and healing topics you can enjoy and put to work immediately in your life. Enjoy!  

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Power Stones Of 2020

Power Stones of 2020 Crystals (also known as Gemstones or Semi Precious Stones) hold energetic vibrations that over amazing benefits to our life just like plants.  Plants love have crystals near by, they grow better.  Just having them in our environment enhances our well being. They are not only beautiful to look at but when used with focused intention they can amplify the effects of any situation.

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