Power Stones Of 2020

Crystals (also known as Gemstones or Semi Precious Stones) hold energetic vibrations that over amazing benefits to our life just like plants.  Plants love have crystals near by, they grow better.  Just having them in our environment enhances our well being. They are not only beautiful to look at but when used with focused intention they can amplify the effects of any situation.

I decided that I will do a series in 2020 on the Stone People (Crystals)  that has guided and supported me throughout the year.  I will go into why I decided to work with each to help you build a relationship with them yourself.  We will also go into daily life usage, cleansing, grids,  Crystal Moon Astrology and more.  

 For now I leave you with a Rose Quartz-Clear Quartz dominant Grid 

Clear quartz has the ability to be programmed so it is excellent use alone to custom program particular energy frequencies into your crystal or to use with other crystals to amplify the effects and or focus the energy like in the case of a wand. 

Rose Quartz energy is soft, loving, imaginative, youthful, calming and some call it a bubble bath for the emotions. If you need a little inspiration, a gentle push to going on your writing project, music or art, adding more rose quartz may help.  I have always been drawn to Rose Quartz and even given a huge chunk as a gift.  

I wear it regularly, sleep with it and it's a staple peace on my alter.  I also find it to be very beneficial in skincare which is why I work with it in my Amber Queen Wellness line. 

Rose Quartz is also a good have around to keep the energy in your relationships heart based.  Rose quartz is a chakra stone so it helps one to reconnect with the heart center so that all interactions are of the highest quality and vibration.  

I am looking forward to getting into the Stone People more with you.  They have been a major part of my life for over 20 years and I cannot imagine life without them. 

 Smiles Sweet Vibes,


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