Happy Spring & New Announcements


Happy Spring Equinox! It has been another amazing year and a while since I have posted here. This is truly the beginning of the new year for me instead of January like normally celebrated. By Spring Equinox the energy has been built up and culminated for the best outcomes on any part of life rather it's relationships, career or general projects. With this in mind if you need a little guidance along the way to help you can tune into my Weekly Insights Through The Cards found on my new YouTube Channel How To Heal along with the How To Heal podcast and other teachings like Divine Healing information and Soul Contract to name a few. You can also go directly to the podcast at HowToHealNetwork.com and signup for the newsletter to be notified about podcasts, articles and events. 

I along with several other awesome women are published in the Women of Spirit Volume II Anthology. The launch party is Wednesday March 23rd @ 3pm EST. If you can make it, here is the link.

This is the Zoom Meeting link:


  Meeting ID: 839 0825 0709

 Passcode: 473685

I will probably be able to post it to the How To Heal YouTube channel after the event if you miss it. 

There is lots going on and I am looking forward to sharing it with you. The best way to make sure you don't miss anything is to signup for the newsletter. I am collaborating on a foundational course and workshop that I will tell you more about in the next newsletter. 

Smiles & Much Love,







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