Fall Love

This year has been a mind whirling ride. It's hard to believe Fall is here and most of the year is gone. I love this time of year because it's cozy but not cold yet for me here on the Monterey Peninsula. Wrapping up in my wobbie with a cup of tea sets the mood for the season. I hope that you have found your calm in the storm and that you are coming out on the other side of things with a clearer perspective on what you want to see in your inner and outer world. 
There are so many things to write about since my last post.  The Summer was filled with deep research on how energy works in the body and how this interconnects with our environment for my thesis in Metaphysics. It was a fascinating time of discovery and I felt as if I was taken on a journey that allowed me to build a deeper connection with my energy and  how I create with my energy and the energy around me.  A course has been created from this research along with the many years I have spent working on my own energy and helping others with theirs. I will be releasing it in November so more to come. 
I have been asked by special request to start a community for Entrepreneurs, Business Builders and others that are transitioning careers or want to learn more about money, finance and prosperity. The Business & Financial Success Prosperity Community started in September to a core group and is now open to everyone. You can find out more here. 
The energies of October is going to be fierce in the balancing sign of Libra and the regenerating-degenerating penetrating sign of Scorpio towards the end of the month. Mars is prominent in sky right now and it's important to use our energy in positive constructive ways. If used properly during this time of retrograde until mid November, you can reposition yourself to be in an better place for your next move, creative idea or projects. If you find yourself getting agitated, angry or impatient easily, it's time to move your body.  Move in a way that makes you happy like dancing, a sport, workout or yoga. Breath of Fire from the belly also works in times like these.  Hey, we can use all the help we can get now with this tug of war energy we have going on right now.  Slow down, get quiet, listen more and get ready for what's to come. 
By the way, I am getting married this month on the 24th and will be taking a short trip to celebrate just me and my Babe. This year has been such a growth year for us in many ways and we are so grateful. Looking forward to sharing more with you this Fall
Much Love, 

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