Becoming Love Little Grid Kit

Becoming Love Little Grid Kit

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In order to receive or give love, we must have clear, properly functioning energetics along with an open 4th or Heart Chakra.  We can only give as much love as we are open to receiving and this is an eternal dance of balance. Working with this grid can open the heart on levels one crystal alone can not reach. 

Self love of who we truly are as spirit manifested in the self and then sent out to others as energy is the key to true love in the universal sense. This kind of love brings miracles into your life.  This is the grid to use when you just want to let go of control and let Divine Love show you a better way of being.

Easy to place under a treatment table, bed, on an altar, or take on the go for ceremonies and rituals. Also a great gift for someone you care about.

Kit includes:

Mini Grid



Activation Affirmation