Soul Contracts With Mika


   Discover Your Spiritual Map of Life with Soul Contract Readings


Manifest your soul purpose by decoding your Spiritual map for your life

•Do you feel that there is something very important you are here to do in this life that is inaccessible to you, that you have been seeking for your entire life?

•You have been on a journey to heal and need direction where to start

•Maybe life is chaotic and there is always another challenge blocking you from turning your goals into reality.

A Soul Contract Reading based on Ancient Hebrew spiritual numerology. It is also called The Spiritual Numerology of Moses. These letters and numbers carry a vibration. A Soul Contract Reading is an energetic interpretation that will empower you by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name.

• Reveal the truth of how your life is really meant to work

• and empowers you to manifest your hidden Soul Purpose


Go deeper into the mystery of your life where you will:

•Discover the precise strategy and solutions for overcoming your greatest challenges in life.

•Express your natural talents in a deeper way

•Start manifesting your heart felt dreams

•Learn how to create better relationships

•A chart based on the sounds of Ancient Hebrew, contained within your birth name describes the energies set in place by your soul for this life that create your reality in each moment. This work is based on the Kaballah with Tarot and Astrology.




•soul destiny/life purpose

•The chart is interpreted to place your life experiences into perspective and to show where you are going.

•Name changes and major relationships in your life are explained to show how you have evolved to where you are today.

•Recommendations are made to help you achieve your maximum potential in life.

•Name optimization can also be undertaken to help you achieve your maximum potential in life.

•For parents understanding your child’s soul contract can help you lead them in life.

•Baby Names: I am happy to help you choose an optimal name for your child.

Some may have seen his interview on Gaia regarding this unique method of truly helping others become of aware of their power. I was trained by #1 Best Seller of Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map of You Life with Numerology by Nicolas David Ngan. This method that has been changing lives for over 30 years. Contact me for a free15min consultation to see if a Soul Contract is right for you.


“She didn’t just channel everything I needed to hear, she helped me understand who I am. She ‘got’ me, in a way that felt made me feel accepted. Her words were healing.”
 “It put my whole life into perspective, but in a way that was digestible.
I had been feeling like there was something wrong with me, but during the reading, I started to understand how I was actually holding myself back.
She connected with me so effortlessly. I’ve been to many readers, and do readings myself, so I know this field. She has a rare gift. The channeling was spot on, she didn’t miss a beat."

 Erica L. 

Daly City, Ca  


Before the session I was feeling excited to learn about my soul contract and knew there would be valuable information that would help me gain clarity around my spiritual essence and how I can use it to reach my life goals and mission. However, I was also a bit tired and overwhelmed feeling due to the amount of work I had been doing all that morning. 

 During the session I felt uplifted by the fascinating information that resonated deeply and so accurately correlated to the way I’ve felt throughout my life and what my passions and values are. I felt a sense of profound affirmation that things like grounding, spending time in nature, meditation and journaling were revealed to be so critical to my well being. I have really come to know this in recent years, but when I get busy, these things become lower on my priority list, and in the long run I become less productive and vital without them. I have re-committed to scheduling these things on my calendar as non-negotiable self care. 

 After the session, I felt a sense of awe that my name, birthdate, and numerology could reveal such accurate and profound information about why I came into this physical body, what my soul contract means for this lifetime, and how having this knowledge about my strengths and vulnerabilities can guide me to ways of being, doing, and reacting to my environment that propel me forward on my path to fulfillment, joy and service. This was a beautiful gift and I am so grateful to Mika Leone for the opportunity to experience such a healing and heart expanding session. I also feel that it has enhanced my feelings of self love. 💜

 Ginny M. 

Pacific Grove, CA


 In advance I felt interested and curious to see what this reading would reveal.  I also thought I might know some of the information as I have done quite a few different kinds of readings including a Numerology chart and Astrology chart in the past with different people.  I was also excited to have Mika do this reading as I think she is quite talented in understanding people from my very first impression of her.

During the reading I was surprised about a couple of things she revealed from the reading and impressed with the accuracy of the system as well as the intuition of the reader.
Afterwards, I am glad to have the information from the reading as it helped me to re-focus on some goals that had been getting away from me and also reaffirmed that things I had to release during the pandemic can be restarted as the USA and much of the rest of the world moves into a new phase of life during the next couple of years (my way of seeing this).
Ariana L. 
Bowie, MD


I just had an amazing Soul Contract reading from one of my friends, Mika. Mika is on the same mystic's quest as all of us here, everything she said about my life path was true. Mika is gentle, insightful and very supportive, you won't be disappointed.

Noel E.

Sydney, AU


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Audio Testimonial Brianna M. 

Audio Tesimonial Erica L.


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