Divine Healings

Master Keys To You Ideal Life

Peel layers of unsolved issues to uncover a higher state of being.

This channeled method of healing is based on the Spiritual Law “ask and you shall receive”.

Are you ready to:

Heal deeply, completely and easily

Become empowered to achieve your dreams

Reconnect to your true essence and tap into your gifts and qualities

Experience more love, joy, fun and abundance in your life

Feel you are the master of your Life Feel fully alive?

                                                Monthly Healings

Each Month we will be doing a general healing that will be announced in the newsletter. Be sure to sign up if you are interested in attending. We pick a different topic to heal depending on what is going on for that current month.

Bring your water, blankets & woobies and join us. You will want to be somewhere you can lay or relax undisturbed. This will be the introduction to the monthly healings. 


                                             Private Healings

For those that want to progress on their healing journey faster you can begin a customized journey to work through the layers of blockages that hinders or slow your growth, vitality and prosperity. To arrange private email Mika@MikaLeone.com for a free consultation.