Business & Financial Success Community


 Ready to learn more about your money? How about create or level up an existing business? You in the right place. 
 A little about me and how this community started. I am a serial entrepreneur, teacher and student. My background is twenty three years in health and wellness, Twenty plus years of business experience and four years of learning about business, finance and investing. My husband and I are consistently learning about the economy and finances.
We learn about:
How money works
How to create money
How to manage money
& How to keep building your money
I am sure there are many avenues to prosperity and many teachers. This is my way of giving back what I feel should have been taught to everyone, like riding a bike or playing a sport.
 For many years I have wondered why the world is the way it is. Why there so much abundance in one place and a few blocks down the street lack. Why some countries seem to thrive and others stay desolate and left behind. I am sure many of you have asked similar questions. In this community you begin to put the pieces together, use the information and teach it to others so that we can create a better world overall for everyone.
This is how I started my education a few years ago. I wanted to learn how to build my money and how to keep the money that I earned. That set me on a rewarding path that I am happy to teach others today.
 This community started at a time when many people are transitioning careers, relocating, considering working for themselves and at lost on what to do with the money they have. Most of us were never truly taught how to manage and grow the money we have and this is where I want to help all those that are open to learning the real reason why you never seem to get ahead.
Since my husband and I are constantly paying attention to the economy, finances and have businesses, friends started asking about the information I was learning and how they could use it to help them. I started sending this information to a small group in email format. Brian was also getting asked about his moves in the market at work. After a few more nudges to start a group with some structure to help those that need basic understanding of finances I started the Business and Financial Success Community to help others make conscious decisions that will improve there lives and take the fear out of learning and managing your own money.
I am a manifesting magnet for others. I have the ability to bring more prosperity into the lives of those I come in contact with. I have helped initiate more money, status and projects in the lives of others so I will like to expand on that energy with others. 
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