AstroGem Geomancy Counseling


                          AstroGem Geomancy Sessions with Mika

AstroGem Geomancy combines key elements of Astrology, Geomancy & Gemstones into one Oracle- The Oracle of Heaven & Earth

AstroGem Geomancy is a holistic system of divination that helps you see the whole context of a situation at a glance & give you recommendations on what to do about it. Tells what is going on Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & physically in your life. It also enables you to see how the current situation is likely to develop.

Is it the right time or am I going against the energies?

Learn how to act to receive the results you desire by concentrating your efforts where your uniqueness and abilities can be applied.

Tap into the universal flow that will allow you to more clearly see your place in life at the moment.

Mini & full sessions are available. Email for more information and to setup your session.